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Welcome to Keystone Consulting Engineers!  Please bear with us as we rebuild our home on the web!

Keystone Consulting Engineers (KCE) is an award-winning, multi-discipline civil engineering firm that has the reputation of delivering reliable, efficient and cost-effective services to all of Pennsylvania. Our wide range of expertise affords KCE the ability to successfully manage the various approval processes for our clients, whether they are private developers or public municipalities. Our greatest asset, our dedicated and empowered employees, has generated a tradition of exceptional customer service.



About Keystone Consulting Engineers

Our Mission:
We are committed to delivering the most creative and highest quality engineering and surveying services in a timely manner with the greatest value to our clients.

Our Vision:
As the ‘Engineering firm of choice since 1972‘, we are focused on becoming the most sought after provider of municipal, commercial, and residential consulting engineering and surveying services throughout Pennsylvania.

Our History:
In 1972, Frank G. Waldraff founded Waldraff Associates. Formerly an engineer at a large local manufacturing company, Frank had always bristled at its hierarchical “top-down” style of management, which he described as “people parading around wearing stripes and expecting everybody to salute them.” As a result of this experience, Frank knew exactly the kind of engineering firm he did not want Waldraff Associates to be.

Instead, Frank empowered people by treating everyone as equals. The end result was a company of people, who cooperated with each other and consulted with clients in order to exceed their expectations by working efficiently and expeditiously.

In 1984, Waldraff Associates changed its name to Keystone Consulting Engineers (KCE). Frank retired in June 2002, but his management style inspired a highly motivated ‘culture of people’ that have embraced the same client service orientation and work ethic that he brought to the office every day. KCE’s low employee turnover and high average years of per-client service are a testament to the level of satisfaction enjoyed by both KCE’s staff and its clients. Furthermore, the Greater Lehigh Valley Excellence in Business Award, presented to Keystone Consulting Engineers in 2007, is a testament to Frank’s exceptional mentoring and management philosophy.

Our Management Philosophy:
Keystone Consulting Engineers, Inc. delegates total authority for each client project to a specific KCE employee or team. This philosophy provides a more direct link between the client and the project manager and eliminates the second and third-hand layers typically associated with a “top-down” style of management.

KCE clients can consistently rely on the same qualified individuals year after year. In turn, our personnel develop long-term relationships and a great synergy with clients, thus enabling the project manager to better anticipate and satisfy their needs.

Our Aspiration:
As an award-winning, multi-discipline civil engineering firm that provides a full spectrum of engineering services in a wide range of fields (precision boundary and topographic surveying, municipal engineering, subdivision and land development, highway and traffic engineering, environmental engineering, and construction inspection services), Keystone Consulting Engineers, Inc. aspires to deliver through our dedicated and empowered employees, reliable and cost-effective service to our clients.

Our Integrity and Expertise:
Municipal engineering is the “foundation” of KCE. Consequently, the firm does not take on new clients with private engineering projects located within any of the municipalities where KCE is the municipal engineer, ensuring complete objectivity.

For private land developers, our vast municipal consulting experience helps their plans obtain the required municipal approval. Because KCE performs both municipal representation and private land development work, our engineers fully understand both sides of the approval process. For municipalities and developers alike, KCE’s knowledge, experience, and commitment allow us to deliver unmatched project quality, timeliness, and cost-efficiency.


Get in touch

If you’re looking to have your property surveyed, land development and grading plans prepared, sewage facilities designed and more or just have general questions, KCE is happy to help.

We have three office locations to help serve you better.  Below is our contact information for each of our locations, please contact us today to get your questions answered by one of our professional staff members!

Bethlehem / Northampton County
President: Albert R. Kortze, P.E.
Keystone Consulting Engineers, Inc.
2870 Emrick Boulevard
Bethlehem, PA 18020
Phone: (610) 865-4555
Fax: (610) 758-9009
Email: East Manager

Wescosville / Lehigh County
Office Manager: Dean L. Haas, P.L.S.
Keystone Consulting Engineers, Inc.
6235 Hamilton Boulevard
Wescosville, PA 18106
Phone: (610) 395-0971
Fax: (610) 391-8942
Email: West Manager

Kresgeville / Carbon & Monroe County
Office Manager: Eric S. Snyder, P.E.
Keystone Consulting Engineers, Inc.
863 Interchange Road, Suite 101
P.O. Box 639
Kresgeville, PA 18333
Phone: (610) 681-5233
Fax: (610) 681-5248
Email: North Manager